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Project Zero Three (A New Beginning): Day 800 Checkin [02 Jan 2018|01:00am]
Okay, I did not mean for this checkin day to sync up with New Year's, but I'll take it. It's always a year of change, a year of new beginnings, but this one feels sharp right now. I got a new job, just have to write my two weeks' notice. I just finished writing the first draft of The Hound of Chulainn; 138 pages, barring anything that happens during format tweaking. I'm juggling a lot of balls right now (tee-hee), but at this moment it feels like I'm handling it. That'll change, I know. For now, here I am.

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As it stands, Day 800 (1/1/18); 16/101 DoneCollapse )

Completed GoalsCollapse )

Long-term list items (percent to go):

12. Origami Cranes (328/950 - 34.52%) (Started doing 2/day. It's obviously working- I jumped more than halfway to where I should be. At this rate, I'll be caught right up before too much longer)
46. Pulp magazines (0/69 - 0.00%) (Ba-boom!)
48. Misc Movie List (12/22 - 54.54%) (A bit of progress, for once. Probably won't make it, unless this becomes top priority. Still, I've dented it well so far)
49. VHS (20/23 - 86.95%) (Nope!)
50. mp3s (247/264 - 93.56%) (Hey! A full couple of percentage points! That's almost worth talking about!)
58. Sushi (57/65 - 87.69%) (Another hit, scraping at the total)
69. New DVD shelf (61/48 - 127.08%) (Another backslide! I blame streaming media. Specifically, the fact that stuff keeps going off streaming media, forcing me to focus on them rather than on DVDs that won't go anywhere)
76. Emily's Movie List (102/103 - 99.02%) (Nope, almost less than my own)
86. Classic “Who” (527/578 - 91.17%) (A couple storylines down. Good progress, albeit way too slow to polish this off by the end)
96. Caching: MN Counties (35/35 - 100%) (Nope!)
97. Caching: Wildflower Parks (75/78 - 96.15%) (Nope!)
101. Caching: 14 Events (13/14 - 92.85%) (Nope!)

I'm dubious, once this is done, whether I'll start a 4th list. I think I was dubious before, though, so I guess we'll see. 200-odd days to figure that out, I suppose.

Onward and Upward.
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Xmas, Xmas time is here [20 Dec 2017|12:00am]
Not much of an entry here; mainly just to catch up the Project Zero list. So... Christmas stuff, I guess?

I'm usually pretty good at Christmas gift-giving. Moderately proud of it, even. This year doesn't feel as slam-dunky, mainly because I haven't taken the time to do a proper shopping trip. Admittedly, Walgreens has been eating up a lot more of my evenings and weekends than normal (come on, new job, call me already and finalize the offer*), but I had a day off today and didn't take full advantage. Sure, I mailed a couple big framed photos, and met Mickaylee for lunchtime thing that let us exchange gifts, but still. I'm off the next two days, and I guarantee I won't take full advantage there either.

Oh, Klingon news, which I'll be vague about. I'm not in this year's (obviously), and it's looking like I won't be able to see it at all (due to aforementioned work eating evenings and weekends, and the few I've had being spent writing or introverting). But the guy who's playing Vred this year had to be dropped from the show, due to Wildly Important personal reasons. Like, the FBI was involved. So that's big news that I don't fully know how to process. But I might be seeing if I can do the show next year, to get back in the ring and be someone who won't be kicked out for similar reasons.

*So yeah, I've received a tentative job offer from the VA. I've completed all the pre-employment paperwork, including the background check info and a skills self-assessment, gotten a physical and blood work, been fingerprinted, and sent in a copy of my current pay stub. Now I'm just waiting for HR to call me. I may write my Walgreens two weeks' notice tonight, just to have it done and ready to go. We shall see.

The List, Day 787 (12/19); 16/101 DoneCollapse )
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Catching up, getting sleep, making changes [13 Nov 2017|11:38pm]
So I've finished playing catchup from our honeymoon trip; number-crunching the geocaches found, catching up on e-mails, putting things away. Also, Haunted Basement has finished, so I'm caught up on sleep and actually have free time to do things. And one thing I noticed is that I'm an idiot. Specifically, my Project Zero completed four things on the trip, not just one. How I missed the others, especially because two of them explicitly involved VISITING TARGET LOCATIONS OF THE TRIP, I have no idea. But they're caught up now. Which means a journal entry for the sole purpose to catch that up, since I still haven't figured out if I'm deleting this whole thing or not. And mentioning some other things at the same time, for future reference and time capsulation. Onward!

First off, Haunted Basement. We went independent this year, no more attachment to the Soap Factory. Which is strange, old habits die hard. But we found a new space, in the old General Mills research facility, and have settled in nicely. I also took on more of a leadership role this year; I led a lot of the actor training, and became sort of a switch-hit lead actor. I don't think I ever got a proper title for it, but that meant that on most nights, instead of having a specific room responsibility, I was a roamer. I helped fill on for lighter areas, concentrated on large group clumping to help get them under control, followed problem patrons, and led most of the ADA (wheelchair) patrons and blind invocation folks. It kept me engaged and made me less exhausted than one repetitious room, made me feel more useful, and meant that I got to be the continuously reappearing gremlin for a few folks. I don't know that it happened, but I'm hoping a couple people assumed there was more than one guy in a bear costume down there. On really light actor nights, I filled in on a room to make sure it was inhabited, but I still led the blind invocees. Overall, I felt like my role was useful; it's something I've always wished existed in past years, so I made it into exactly what I thought it should be, and more than one actor talked to me about how useful it was. So hopefully it's something that will stick for future years, maybe even as me. The Basement as a whole this year went great; big audience numbers, great responses, some new partnerships we didn't have before (we did a combo night with Flip Phone, and local drag party troupe that NAILED it), and I think we did better on jump scare quality. I'm really happy with what we did, and can't wait to help build 2018. Oh, and we did a calendar, and I got to be September. Fun fun.

Next up is The Hound of Chulainn, a Six Elements show that I'll be the playwright for. Being asked to do this was a balm to my ego, since I wasn't cast in Human Combat Chess this year, and was taking it more personally than is healthy. I've started up the real research, and I'm having notions that I hope to discuss at a meeting soon, since the workshop process is at the end of the month. It's a company created show, so most of it will start coming out then. We shall see.

Finally, I've applied for a new job. I'm just... I'm completely burned out on Walgreens, and retail in general. I've applied for a hospital pharmacy technician job at the VA, where a couple of friends work. I had a good interview a couple of weeks back, and am on pins and needles waiting for a response. Really want this job. Really really do. Going to send a checkin e-mail tonight, hopefully nudge it along. Meanwhile, I'll be playing on my new mini-SNES (brother's wedding gift), and watching the cats be adorable.

The List, Day 751 (11/13); 14/101 DoneCollapse )
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Project Zero Three (A New Beginning): Day 700 Checkin [24 Sep 2017|03:21am]
Am I still doing this? It feels like I'm just barely still doing this. I mean, I got married, but the next five months don't promise to be quieter. Oh well, here.

Updates since last postCollapse )

As it stands, Day 700 (9/23); 11/101 DoneCollapse )

Completed GoalsCollapse )

Long-term list items (percent to go):

12. Origami Cranes (494/950 - 52.00%) (A big gap for our honeymoon trip, but otherwise good. I think it's time to start doing 2 a day)
46. Pulp magazines (3/69 - 4.34%) (Gained an issue this round, but still great progress. And the current one is a quarter done already. Should be able to finish this soon)
48. Misc Movie List (13/22 - 59.09%) (No progress this time, maybe soon)
49. VHS (20/23 - 86.95%) (Still nothing here, either)
50. mp3s (252/264 - 95.45%) (A few scraps gone)
58. Sushi (58/65 - 89.23%) (Yum yum, pathetic progress)
69. New DVD shelf (60/48 - 125.00%) (I can't even... it's worse every damn time)
76. Emily's Movie List (102/103 - 99.02%) (Nothing here)
86. Classic “Who” (548/578 - 94.80%) (No progress here, either)
96. Caching: MN Counties (35/35 - 100%) (Nope!)
97. Caching: Wildflower Parks (75/78 - 96.15%) (Nope!)
101. Caching: 14 Events (13/14 - 92.85%) (Nope!)

I'm thinking, for next time, of just doing the long slow grinding type of entries. Those are the only ones I really make improvements on. Time will out; we'll see in 300 days.

Onward and upward.
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That dream within a dream [14 Aug 2017|01:47am]
Just a quick entry, out of habit and Project Zero list maintenance. Lots to report, of course; Fringe is almost over, but I haven't gone at all, since tomorrow Emily and I leave for our wedding ceremony/honeymoon thing. Of course, we've really been married for two weeks... shhh. I have my ring on, and it almost feels normal. Weird. Anyway, packing and prepping for the big trip, but first a quick list checkin.

The List, Day 591 (6/6); 10/101 DoneCollapse )
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Project Zero Three (A New Beginning): Day 600 Checkin [16 Jun 2017|04:43am]
Another round, with nothing completed. Let's blame this one on... wedding planning. Sure. That sounds plausible. It might even be true. Still, made progress on the little long-term things. Some of them. Probably. And I'm digging deep into my main medical one, the tooth-fixing. I'd be further along if not for insurance idiocy. Anyway, I'm already rambling, let's do the rest of this thing.

Updates since last postCollapse )

As it stands, Day 600 (6/15); 10/101 DoneCollapse )

Completed GoalsCollapse )

Long-term list items (percent to go):

12. Origami Cranes (566/950 - 59.57%) (A bit less than one/day, due to some trips and some busyness. Still need to up my average, but I have a cunning plan if it ever gets to be exactly double the remaining days... two a day. That's the cunning plan)
46. Pulp magazines (6/68 - 8.82%) (Crack! Man, this is going well. Just finished the largest issue of the whole pile, too. Miiight finish it this round, might not, but will definitely clear it by the end)
48. Misc Movie List (13/22 - 59.09%) (Dang, I actually did a good amount this round. Caught up a bit and everything. Weird. More?)
49. VHS (20/23 - 86.95%) (Nada! Again! Boooo)
50. mp3s (255/264 - 96.59%) (Nothing here either. A scheme is starting to form, though)
58. Sushi (60/65 - 92.30%) (A whole one! wheee)
69. New DVD shelf (58/48 - 120.83%) (Up! Way damn up. Crap)
76. Emily's Movie List (102/103 - 99.02%) (Well, got one down)
86. Classic “Who” (548/578 - 94.80%) (Knocked out just over 1% of the total. I'm beginning to suspect I won't complete this one)
96. Caching: MN Counties (35/35 - 100%) (Nope!)
97. Caching: Wildflower Parks (75/78 - 96.15%) (N- wait hold one we did a couple. Nice)
101. Caching: 14 Events (13/14 - 92.85%) (Nope here though. Sigh)

I don't know if I'm getting worse at these lists, or if they're getting less applicable to my life, or if I just need to build in more gimme entries to give me something to do in between longer-term things. Probably the first one. When in doubt, get better at stuff.

Onward and upward.
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