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Rolling downhill, picking up speed, burning the past [24 Apr 2017|03:02am]
Time's moving faster these days. The months are whipping by, the days are whipping by. Maybe I'm just getting older, or maybe it's how busy I'm keeping. But it's almost getting cartoonish here. It's spring already, proper spring. When did that happen?

Part of what's keeping my busy, in addition to work nonsense and theatrical doings, is burning livejournal. ashfae (I'm not bothered to look up how to link her journal) made me aware that lj has been doing questionable things since it was purchased by a Russian firm, and the new terms and conditions worry me, so I've transferred most of my entries to dreamwidth. That doesn't seem to have pulled all of the friends-locked entries, though, and it's just another website that might go questionable and need removing in a few months or years, so I'm also downloading all of it month by month and saving it to a word document file. Which takes a long time, true, and means it's now on my (progressively getting closer to failing) computer rather than a distant server, but so be it. Worst case, I'll print the thing. Whatever. The important takeaway here is that I've been skimming and re-reading all my old entries, and the comments on them by friends and strangers.

And man, it's a mix of emotions. Mostly nostalgia; I used to post in this a great deal more about my actual life, not just projects and my ongoing to-do list. So I get the immediacy revisited, where I see my in-the-moment reactions to events that I half-remember. Seeing the actual calendar timing of my personal history; some things go back much further than I would have guessed, some things caused different reactions at the time than they did in my memories of them. No real surprise to any of that, as I think about it, but individual moments of surprise for each item.

No conclusions to draw from this, not about journaling more or learning nothing from the past. Just something that is, today. Anyway, I'm up to June of 2014 in my downloads, then I'll go back and unlock the friends-only posts and reloads to dreamwidth, then I'll decide if I'm deleting it here. Might be time. If you're reading this, my dreamwidth ID is stillbefore (before was taken), so feel free to friend me. I can't promise I'll stay there long.

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Project Zero Three (A New Beginning): Day 500 Checkin [09 Mar 2017|02:33am]
Welp, getting this one in a day late. Haven't posted for two months either. I'm not 100% sure where my busyness has gone lately; I have a ton of projects in the works, personal and theatrical and professional, but it doesn't feel like any more than usual, yet my time is vanishing at a faster rate. Maybe it's my daily news check? Anyway, number crunching. Spoiler alert: no exciting news, but a few long-term goals took some decent hits.

Updates since last postCollapse )

As it stands, Day 500 (3/7); 10/101 DoneCollapse )

Completed GoalsCollapse )

Long-term list items (percent to go):

12. Origami Cranes (660/950 - 69.47%) (A full 100 day period of one/day. I need to up my average)
46. Pulp magazines (11/68 - 16.17%) (Still way ahead of what I need, but less than 10% of the total this round. I blame a couple of double issues, that happened right in a row)
48. Misc Movie List (16/22 - 72.72%) (Squeaked one out. Sad, but something)
49. VHS (20/23 - 86.95%) (Wow, got one done. Neat. Need more)
50. mp3s (255/264 - 96.59%) (Mmmyup nada)
58. Sushi (61/65 - 93.84%) (Nothing here! Gonna have to do something special for Emily's birthday or something)
69. New DVD shelf (51/48 - 106.25%) (Huh. I got a few done lately, and thought that would show, but I broke even perfectly. Damn)
76. Emily's Movie List (103/103 - 100%) (Cleared a couple, but also did a recount that put it way up there. So now we finally have an official total, at the midway point of the list)
86. Classic “Who” (555/578 - 96.02%) (Cleared a few more, but a pathetically small number)
96. Caching: MN Counties (35/35 - 100%) (Nope!)
97. Caching: Wildflower Parks (78/78 - 100%) (Nope!)
101. Caching: 14 Events (13/14 - 92.85%) (Nope! But I have a scheme for one)

So it goes. I'm tired. Too many cool projects to leave me with laser focus, and when I juggle too much I drop it all. Onward and upward, or thereabouts.
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New year, old thoughts [04 Jan 2017|09:12pm]
2017 rolls in. Work is predictably insane, since every other insurance plan just changed its processor, deductibles have reset, and a lot of folks are surprisingly ignorant of the fact that their insurance has changed altogether. And this isn't even factoring in whatever Congress is going to do to Obamacare this year. Time will out there, I suppose.

Which transitions well to thoughts on the election. Huh, I never posted that here, really? Okay, LJ is definitely well behind FB on my musings, okay. No surprise, but that shows it starkly. So, copied and pasted...

FB thoughts posted after the electionCollapse )

I've had some progress on what I spoke about. I've set up monthly auto-donations with organizations that I believe in, especially ones that I think will need additional support in the next couple of years. I've started reading the news regularly; I still don't feel like I'm fully up to speed there, but I'm miles ahead of where I was. And I'm trying to stay woke... man, I still don't know if I like that term. I'm trying to stay aware of the world as it truly is, not just as my bubble's filters show it.

One strange thought, that came from keeping my eyes open. These actions I've taken, donating money to organizations that I fear won't get support from government? That's specifically a Republican goal. Direct support from people who believe in what's being done, rather than indirect support using tax money regardless of the beliefs of the taxpayers. I'm not sure that actually says anything, but it's worth acknowledging.

So, other than politics. Emily and I are getting married this year- that needs more attention, and soon, but at least we're of the same mind about it. My theatre commitments are minimal for the year so far- I'm doing Theatre Unbound's 24 Hour Smackdown on Saturday, Transvestite Soup continues, I've thrown in for the Fringe lotto, and have an audition scheduled for Human Combat Chess. Oh, and I don't know what's happening with Haunted Basement, but I've tentatively said that I'd be extremely interested in helping it happen. That sounds like a lot, actually, considering it's day 4 of the new year, but there we are. It feels like I've done worse. Emily and I had vague plans to move to Seattle late this year, but she's considering returning to school to pursue a new degree, so that's like back-burnered until the schooling is done. I'll support and adapt either way.

What's foremost on my mind, though, it's what's been there the longest. I transported most of my LJ entries to a backup recently (from paranoia, and realization that I really should have had a backup long ago). In moving backwards, I glanced at an entry ringing in the new year a while back. I think 2012, not that it matters. And it talked about how I intended that year to be the one where I got tattooed and jumped out of a plane. Goals I still haven't achieved. Goals I was thinking of doing in lieu of a traditional bachelor party. They won't happen unless I make them. I intend to make them, and soon. We'll see if I succeed.

Hello 2017. Let's see what's coming.

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Project Zero Three (A New Beginning): Day 400 Checkin [28 Nov 2016|12:16am]
Time has... accelerated the last couple of months? Feels like it. Haunted Basement ate October, at least, but I'm not sure where November went. I know post-election depression ate a couple of days, but it can't possibly have done the whole month. Anyway, regardless, I managed to keep up with a few list items, mostly thanks to Habitica daily tasks. Let's see!

Updates since last postCollapse )

As it stands, Day 400 (11/27); 10/101 DoneCollapse )

Completed GoalsCollapse )

Long-term list items (percent to go):

12. Origami Cranes (760/950 - 80.00%) (Huh. Numbers say I knocked out a hundred, but I know for a fact there were a few days where I did multiples. I may have lost track somewhere. Regardless, I need a couple of big days, then I can keep up average progress right to the end and make it)
46. Pulp magazines (17/68 - 25.00%) (Even with the drop in rate from a busy October, I knocked out more than 10%. I thought I'd have these done by day 500, but that looks unlikely now. Day 600, though...?)
48. Misc Movie List (17/22 - 77.27%) (No movement this round, but I have two on the dock before the end of the month. So maybe?)
49. VHS (21/23 - 91.30%) (Yup, nothing here either. Who had time to watch things?)
50. mp3s (255/264 - 96.59%) (Nothing here either. Just hard to make this a priority)
58. Sushi (61/65 - 93.84%) (Wow, nothing here either. Stupid busy nights)
69. New DVD shelf (51/48 - 106.25%) (Nor here. Time to watch some established stuff?)
76. Emily's Movie List (80?) (Hey! Hit one! Still don't have a final total, though, but progress is progress)
86. Classic “Who” (562/578 - 97.23%) (Whoa! I got the stalled storyline! And nothing else, but now I can move forward maybe!)
96. Caching: MN Counties (35/35 - 100%) (I've barely done any caching at all lately. Kinda miss it, but not as much as I thought I would?)
97. Caching: Wildflower Parks (78/78 - 100%) (Ditto above. We did the Duluth trip, and made some important finds, but no parks)
101. Caching: 14 Events (13/14 - 92.85%) (Still nada here also- I should make plans)
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HBX: Conclusion [06 Nov 2016|06:15pm]
Haunted Basement is closed! Long live Haunted Basement. Maybe; next year is extremely up in the air right now. Like, more up in the air than last year, when the Soap Factory announced massive financial troubles just after we closed. But we got through the 10th anniversary year, and it was a huge, exhausting blast.

Designing a room was definitely an experience this year. Not one I'm likely to repeat; although I'm not upset with what I created, it wasn't close enough to the desire in my head for my satisfaction. That just isn't a talent I really have, nor do I want to put in the time to see how much better I could get. Still, now I've done it, and I'm glad I did. The room was the 'Tactile Tunnel'; a narrow hallway in a mazelike section of the Basement that forced people thru an area with obstacles, stacked carpets to act as a ramp, a boarded-over window peeking into another room, a secret door into yet another, and plastic torn up and hanging down from above. It wasn't as dark or narrow as I would have liked, and I never did find a source for the hair that I wanted as an obstacle, but it still looked pretty cool, and a friend got an Uncle in there.

Then, I worked as a Tier 1 actor, which was this year's term for a stipend performer with a minimum number of required nights. At first, it was 23/28 nights, but they cut a preview, so it became 22/27 nights. I say this every year, but I really need to cut down. As great as it was, I was exhausted and ruined by the end of it. At least this year I was smart (and had PTO left over), so I took a bunch of days off work as well, so most nights I was able to get a proper sleep afterwards. And, as tired and in need of days off as I was, I was a bit sad to hear about the cool things that happened the nights I had off.

Also, it was celebrity year! Carrie Underwood came thru on the night before she had a concert in town; I was there, working as a nun in the classroom, but I didn't see her at all. I was solo, so a lot of folks slipped past me, but honestly I wouldn't have recognized her anyway. Even in context, I don't get her face every time, and out of context she would have been just one more attractive blonde lady. Still, I hope I pinned her against something and yelled incoherent nonsense at her. Whether I did or not, kudos to her for being a good sport- we had a station upstairs this year where you could choose to add paint to your face in the hopes of getting a bonus interaction downstairs, and she chose all 4 colors. That takes guts. Secondly, and this happened on a night I was off, Kevin from "Welcome to Nightvale" came through, and was apparently a fantastic patron. So much so that folks printed off posters with his face and "Why Can't They All Be Kevin?" printed on them, one of which ended up posted in the schoolroom. He responded to e-mails thanking him for coming, too. So neat.

Assorted other memories- spent more nights as Surgeon than any other one character, mostly paired with Becci O as the Salon worker for Blind Invocees. Blind Invocations were the more expensive tickets, who got a couple extra rooms and a more intense experience, guaranteed. Becci ended up as my Show Girlfriend thanks to how much we were paired up, and we got a really good dynamic going. Best Blind Invocee was probably the one who was incredibly twitchy and freaked out; he'd worked out a deal with his friends where he'd yell "Hoodie-Hoo" as a Marco/Polo thing to find them. He didn't know that they were being dropped much earlier in the Basement than the special rooms were. After doing my schtick on him, I led him (still blindfolded) out of my room, and who happened to be passing just then but his friends? We couldn't have timed that better with all the practice in the world. So, he got to interact blindfolded with them for a half-minute, they got to laugh to see him shirtless and covered with glitter, blood, and shaving cream (Becci and I got a REALLY good dynamic going), then I led him away and dropped him back at the beginning. Great times.

And, finally finally, part of what makes next year up in the air is my own involvement. I'll be doing the whole wedding/honeymoon thing for about a month of Aug-Sept, so even if I wanted to build a room that idea is right out. And the space itself is... that's not yet public, but it's likely to be very different. But if it occurs, I'd like to move up the ladder, to a leadership or AD position. And after speaking to the artistic director about it, that's a possibility that's on the table. Something like 3 huge things have to settle before we can even revisit the possibility, but it's there, and I'm excited to explore it.

Other things that kept me busy in October- two sold-out shows for Transvestite Soup (yay!), both of which went hella smoothly and included a costume show (yay!), three press interviews about Transvestite Soup re: the FOX RHPS remake (I was on the damn news!), and the full run of Masquerade at Bernard's (which I only got to once, due to everything else, but I loved it). Life is full, and keeps on rolling.

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Haunted Basement begins again [29 Sep 2016|10:41pm]
Welp, Haunted Basement is rolling again. Have I mentioned that I'm designing a room for the first time? I'm designing a room for the first time. Does anyone read this? Hi, Russian intellectuals who I recently learned own this site now! Or the Russian mob? Or the Russian government? It's unclear.

Anyhoo. I'm already exhausted and injured (hello, leg scrape that will take a while to fully heal), but I think I'm doing it smarter this year. Fortunately (ish), I couldn't get time off from work during hte Fringe, so I have a bunch of PTO left over, and I'm burning it now. One day off a week, and hopefully Halloween and the day after as well. I say hopefully, because we are astonishingly short-staffed at work right now. We just lost two long-term people to transfers, and although we've done a lot of hiring, proper training is next to impossible when we're this busy. Still, I'm getting the time, and it should help me keep my sanity. And sleep. Oh, glorious sleep.

...that's it? I guess so. Wow, short entry.

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Project Zero Three (A New Beginning): Day 300 Checkin [20 Aug 2016|01:20am]
Day 300 already... man, time is passing. Another few items done, along with a whole Fringe Festival. Still keeping up with Habitica, which is helping with the long-term items. Let's see where day 300 stands!

Updates since last postCollapse )

As it stands, Day 300 (8/19); 9/101 DoneCollapse )

Completed GoalsCollapse )

Long-term list items (percent to go):

12. Origami Cranes (860/950 - 90.52%) (Got the daily task going, plus a few extra. Still not near the rate needed, but finally got the wheels on the ground)
46. Pulp magazines (26/68 - 38.23%) (Huge progress again. Amazing how fast this goes once it starts moving downhill. Now, to keep it up)
48. Misc Movie List (17/22 - 77.27%) (Not nothing, but fell behind the desired rate. Maybe time for a focus?)
49. VHS (21/23 - 91.30%) (Woo! Not much, but something- I broke the 100%)
50. mp3s (255/264 - 96.59%) (Dead nothing this round)
58. Sushi (61/65 - 93.84%) (Okay, seriously. I know this is probably the least important one on the whole list, but I have to meet up with friends more often)
69. New DVD shelf (51/48 - 106.25%) (Forward progress, but still not better than I was on day one. Time to find some household chores I can do to commentary tracks)
76. Emily's Movie List (81?) (No change, either direction)
86. Classic “Who” (566/578 - 97.92%) (Stalled on same, unavailable storyline. Will find a way)
96. Caching: MN Counties (35/35 - 100%) (No break, yet. Want to make unrelated fall plans; will try for something then)
97. Caching: Wildflower Parks (78/78 - 100%) (Also nothing, but have a Duluth trip planned in two days. Should be able to get at least one down)
101. Caching: 14 Events (13/14 - 92.85%) (Nothing this round- maybe something for Halloween?)

We'll see how the next century goes; Haunted Basement is coming up, after all. But I should be able to accomplish... something or another.

Onward and upward.
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Close friends [31 Jul 2016|07:11pm]
So, I'm an introvert. This is true. No surprise.

Longstanding consequence of that which I've been feeling keenly of late: I don't tend to hang out with people by default. I love to, and will with gusto, but it's a planned event 99 times out of a hundred, not just a thing that falls together. Obviously, a lot of that is based on convenience; when I lived in a dorm with friends, or had a friend in the apartment next door, it happened more often. Thanks to a non-office job, I don't get off work at the same time as anyone else, so even work friends are out for a spontaneous thing. I did happen to park my car the other day just as a friend was walking past on her way home, so I invited her up for a chat and cat snuggle. Discovered she was cast in Masquerade at Bernard's, too, so neat synchronicity there. But that's the exception, not the rule; normally if I have an evening free, I just hermit up and vanish from sight to everyone but those who live in my home.

And that leads to not feeling like I have those close friendships I see hints of; those lifelong BFFs that form a wall of a single force from multiple people, without having a sexual relationship or somesuch to act as a second bond. It's strange how jealous I get of that. I have dear ones in my heart, quite a few of them, but I'm not sure I properly express that to enough of them. Leads to what feels like mismatched reunions when I see them after a long while. Probably why I've only been in two wedding parties, as a ring-bearer when I was 5 or 6, and as an officiant a couple months ago. Never as a best man, never as a groomsman. I have many friendships, many dear, but not really any where I'm the obvious top-of-the-heap choice.

No solution here. Or even certainty that I need to change this course. Just momentary sadness, and acknowledgement.

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Rolling stones/stopping to smell the flowers/just keep swimming/additional metaphors [10 Jul 2016|08:26pm]
Got back a few days ago from a trip out to Denver and back. Road trip, intended for a geocaching event, and we hit quite a few hides along the way. Also visited with a couple of old friends, and several of Emily's relatives.

It came out in the course of the trip that these sort of things are really getting to Emily. Not travel, she loves travel, but the constant quick-hit-and-move-on nature of it. She really wants to go to one place and be there for a while, really get the most out of it. And, while I like that, I tend more towards the hurry-and-see-as-much-as-possible type of trip. Anyway, it's out in the air, so we're going to compromise more in the future. We're good at that; figuring out what we're feeling and how that's leading to conflict, then resolving it without a pointless fight.

It's not that I don't like staying one place and soaking it in. Hell, I had this whole weekend free of work or other responsibilities, and I spent it at home. Introvert nature and all. But when I go somewhere... I don't like missing things. I'd rather do the same path a half-dozen times, hitting a portion of what's worth doing each time, than do a half-dozen trips to each of the points on the line and empty them. Probably something about keeping moving, feeling the motion and the accompanying illusion of progress. Anyway, next trip will be more static, because I'm not a jerk. I'm forming vague plans now.

In the meantime, I finished the first draft of Masquerade at Bernard's last night. So that's one giant artistic job complete. Now, to meet with the director (and co-writer) to figure out the needs for Draft 2, and who's going to actually do that. Also, the auditions are Wednesday, so we may have a cast before we have a finished script. Wouldn't be the first time.

The List, Day 260 (7/10); 9/101 DoneCollapse )
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Drowning in awesome [30 Jun 2016|12:32am]
Busy week. Ridiculously busy. Writing draft 3 of Mead Hall, then first cast readthrough. Final building for Transvestite Soup's CONvergence party room, plus a show, plus fielding some audition e-mails. Writing for Masquerade at Bernard's, although not nearly enough. Packing for the trip to Colorado, and planning what to do en route and while with friends. Finishing the photo shoot for the Creeps tarot card (with Emily's ABUNDANT help), then a BBQ for a visiting Creep. Plus, doing 13 hours of continuing education to renew my pharm tech certification before the end of the month. I chose most of this, and have been (mostly) successful in balancing it. I may be drowning, but I'm still swimming.

And breathing.

The List, Day 249 (6/29); 6/101 DoneCollapse )
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So, apparently I have an area of expertise [04 Jun 2016|03:46pm]
Creative endeavors continue. Human Combat Chess opened and closed, I think with the best show of all years. Did a job as announcer that I'm rather proud of. Wedding I officiated went off without a hitch, until afterwards when one witness didn't sign the license and we had to redo the thing. Did that this morning, though, so I think it's settled now. Mead Hall has auditioned and been cast; we had the first script workshop and came out with some good notes. It's one of the best first drafts we've ever had, and we've accomplished most of the redrafting we set out to do. At least one more writers' meeting before the second workshop should polish up Draft 2, which should be pretty close to the final product. And it's time to dig in earnest into my fall writing project.

I was approached by a friend a few months ago to ask if I'd be interested in co-writing a piece he was doing for Fearless Comedy Productions in the fall; a Shakespearean adaptation of "Weekend at Bernie's". Which, y'know. Shakespeare. Yes I was interested. We've met a few times since, we're confirmed and the project is officially moving ahead. I haven't written much of the first draft yet; just the prologue and a bit of framing, but that's the plan for the rest of the day, once I stop procrastinating.

So, it's a fun project. And a challenge, since we set the deadline for the first draft for two weeks, which is ridiculously fast. But it's as much the fact that I was thought of; I'm one of the local expects in this particular niche genre. I just happened to be the closest friend to Duck of the trio of Tedious Brief writers. Not the reputation I'd expected, but one I'll happily take.

In other news, the RPG to-do list app I mentioned in the last real update (Habitica) is working like gangbusters. I'm building some good habits, and up to level 19. Now, to write some scenes from "An Interlude at Bernard's" (or whatever it ends up named) and make progress on a to-do list.

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Project Zero Three (A New Beginning): Day 200 Checkin [11 May 2016|11:20pm]
Another century of days. Some big events passed, and a bunch of little hits on long-term goals. Plus wedding planning; not enough of that, but enough to distract me from this list. But hey, just started using an app that gives me XP for completing tasks; as I load it up with this stuff, maybe we'll see more progress? Maybe?

Updates since last postCollapse )

As it stands, Day 200 (5/11); 6/101 DoneCollapse )

Completed GoalsCollapse )

Long-term list items (percent to go):

12. Origami Cranes (949/950 - 99.89%) (Still no change. Time for a new daily task?)
46. Pulp magazines (37/68 - 54.41%) (BIG work here- almost halfway done already. If I keep this up, I should finish by the halfway point... 500 days after the original goal)
48. Misc Movie List (18/22 - 81.81%) (A smidgen of progress... I'm actually pretty close to on target here. Dunno if I can finish, but I can finish those accessible at least)
49. VHS (23/23 - 100%) (Nothing done here except a mental recommitment, and a few more DVDs obtained and unwatched)
50. mp3s (255/264 - 96.59%) (Not very much, but a few)
58. Sushi (62/65 - 95.38%) (Another pathetic, delicious showing)
69. New DVD shelf (54/48 - 112.50%) (Huh. I thought I'd come out ahead this time, but instead it's slightly worse again. Must focus here, when entertainment focus is allowed)
76. Emily's Movie List (81?) (Still can't really work out the percentage here, but one down)
86. Classic “Who” (566/578 - 97.92%) (Some progress, but still stalled on reconstruction episodes. More to come, though)
96. Caching: MN Counties (35/35 - 100%) (Still no trips, but it's warmer now. Might be worth a Sunday or two outside the city)
97. Caching: Wildflower Parks (78/78 - 100%) (Ditto above, again)
101. Caching: 14 Events (13/14 - 92.85%) (One down! Any progress here is notable. Still, need fresh ideas to hit this more)

So, it rolls on forward. Another hundred days ahead; we'll see what I manage to scratch in that time.

Onward and upward.
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Overcommitment, Part... I have no idea, 17? [24 Apr 2016|02:17pm]
I posted on FB a couple of days ago, to share announcements that had just come thru about projects I'm working on. A new Double Bill podcast, audition announcement for Mead Hall, the FB event for this month's Game of Thrones themed Rocky Horror, and the event for Human Combat Chess. And in doing so, it became starkly clear how crazy much I'm doing. Because that wasn't everything- the podcast I'll be guesting within the next week, the show I'm writing for fall, the wedding I'm officiating next month, my own wedding planning, the half-dozen smaller writing projects I'm vaguely working on that don't have a deadline in place... No wonder I have to make so many to-do lists. And, of course, I can't think of a single one I'd want to withdraw from. Awesome.

That said, I just downloaded an app that gives me RPG experience and gold for completing to-do list items. We'll see how long that sticks.

The List, Day 183 (4/24); 6/101 DoneCollapse )
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Introvert energy [28 Mar 2016|02:16am]
So. Nosce ipsum. Or nosce te ipsum, I've never been fully clear- I don't Latin much. Either way, know thyself.

At work, there's a few workstations one can end up at. Basically- filling prescriptions, answering phones, typing prescriptions, or working the out-window, which includes both taking in new orders and selling completed ones. And I've always hated out-window; I try to work at that station my fair share, but it drives me bonkers. I always thought it was because I work better when there's a series of smaller projects to complete, rather than one long, drawn-out, never ending task that lasts until shift end. But, after over 10 years there, I realized the other, more central reason.

I'm an introvert. Introverts, by as good a definition as I've ever seen, are people who recharge with alone time. As opposed to extroverts, who recharge with social time with friends. I've known that for, really, my whole life. Known it by name ever since I heard that definition. But working out-window at work, and to a lesser extent answering phones, requires me to have constant short-term interactions with people, some strangers and some regulars. Potentially hundreds of those in a day. So my social energy leeches out of me. Whereas filling meds, typing prescriptions, or doing the dozens of little inventory jobs that are my responsibility and I rarely have time for, are perfect introvert activities. So yeah, the projects thing is true and probably helps. But it's the social energy battery drain that destroys me.

A decade that took to figure out. You're never so blind as when you think you're already seeing clearly. There's always deeper to look.

The List, Day 155 (3/27); 6/101 DoneCollapse )
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Mexico! Nevada! [25 Feb 2016|09:27pm]
So! Went to Mexico last month for a friend's wedding. There must be stories attached to that.

And there are! It was my first time in Mexico, first time at an all-inclusive resort, first for a lot of things. Emily came with, of course, and we ate way too much and slept way too much and relaxed to hell and back. We missed the chance at touring the Mayan ruins (by the time we realized it existed, it didn't fit on any days), but went snorkeling at a small reef, and got down to a touristy-area to find a couple of geocaches. Also I proposed and she said yes.

So. Yeah. Engaged. Making the plans now, and FREAKING OUT A BIT, but not at all about my choice. Emily and I fit together, and I was never more sure than when I dropped to one knee and she cursed in surprise. Perfect.

Everything that wasn't our engagement fell apart almost immediately afterwards, of course. I got held by airport security on the way back for reasons never fully explained, but I think my name is similar to someone on a no-fly list. So that should be fun in the future. The marriage we went down to attend ended the day after they got back, for Big Good Reasons. Which were... almost the worst timing possible. And I screwed something up, that's led to some friendship drama tangentially related to the trip. No idea when, or how, that's going to resolve.

Then, this weekend, Emily and I and mutual friend Scott (purplesquirrel1, though I don't remember how to do LJ links and don't care to check) head to Nevada for a day of Vegas, side trips to Hoover Dam and Death Valley, and a day of geocaching where we intend to top 400 finds. This is the year I leave the state the most, that's for sure.

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Project Zero Three (A New Beginning): Day 100 Checkin [02 Feb 2016|04:09am]
Man, that passed quickly. Life has been busy. Still, managed to knock out a couple, and make great progress on a few more. As such...

Updates since last postCollapse )

As it stands, Day 100 (2/1); 4/101 DoneCollapse )

Completed GoalsCollapse )

Long-term list items (percent to go):

12. Origami Cranes (949/950 - 99.89%) (Barely scratched it. Still, still need a routine)
46. Pulp magazines (55/68 - 80.88%) (Here, however, fantastic progress. Almost double speed. Keeping it up!)
48. Misc Movie List (19/22 - 86.36%) (Surprising progress here as well. Be nice to finally get these done)
49. VHS (23/23 - 100%) (Nothing here; need to work on entry #69)
50. mp3s (260/264 - 98.48%) (Not great, but some. Need to do some more sweeps)
58. Sushi (64/65 - 98.46%) (Will probably fail this again, but any progress is delicious)
69. New DVD shelf (53/48 - 110.41%) (Aaaand I continue my grand tradition of making this one worse)
76. Emily's Movie List (82?) (Can't really count this yet, since I might still discard some possibilities)
86. Classic “Who” (570/578 - 98.61%) (Very small progress, but once I get past the reconstructions it should go faster)
96. Caching: MN Counties (35/35 - 100%) (Nothing lately, but we have some trips planned)
97. Caching: Wildflower Parks (78/78 - 100%) (Ditto above)
101. Caching: 14 Events (14/14 - 100%) (Should be scheduling one in the next week or so)

Man, a lot more list items than before. Lists within lists. At least some things are happening. And on we go.

Onward and upward.
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2016, and my remote hermitage [09 Jan 2016|06:56pm]
Another new year rolls in. I don't really do resolutions, but the one I'm committing to this year is to be less of a hermit, especially since it looks like I'll be moving next year. So if I'm gonna see these friends of mine, I have to do it now.

Most of my hermitting happens just because I'm an introvert, and between a full-time job and theater projects, I need to grab what time I can to recharge. But, like everything beneficial, I can go overboard with it, and just vanish into my cave unless I have no excuse to. So, that's my resolution- don't do that so much, man. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go shower and get ready for a party tonight. Woot woot.

The List, Day 77 (1/9); 2/101 DoneCollapse )
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Klingon, Goodbye, HCC, Fringe, and so on [07 Dec 2015|11:12pm]
I really need to get my website up and running. There's actually things happening now.

Klingon Christmas Carol is running again; opened last weekend, actually. I'm once more playing nephew Vred, and this time young SQuja as well. I missed last year, so I don't have an unbroken history, but it still feels like a return to normal. First time I've done this particular double-casting as well; it gives a nice opportunity to differentiate between the characters. Really do some ACTING, yeah? Audiences seem really receptive thus far, too, which is important and great.

That comes to an end before the end of December (of course), and then in January the next thing starts; The Goodbye Project with Upright Egg. The Egg hasn't done anything in several years now, and although it isn't official, this show feels like it will be our swan song. Time will tell, of course, but with a project exploring goodbyes it feels right to enter with that mindset.

I'm the official playwright for the Project, which in Egg terms means I'm about 60% scribe, 20% exercise creator, 10% original material, and 10% structure guide. I'm going to draft a few small pieces for this weekend's workshop, to give the performers something to work with, but no more than a few pages' worth. Then they'll make something lovely, I'll write it down, and feel like I'm taking credit. Vague guilt; the playwright's best friend! I don't know where this will go, but I'm excited for the journey. "How do you say goodbye, when it's the last thing you want to do." Already have a few directions that can go.

That will perform in March, which should give me a little time off before the next project: Human Combat Chess! I'll be commentating again (90% sure; I've been asked and accepted, but haven't gotten confirmation yet). Ironically (or at least notably), it's happening earlier this year, so I could probably audition for a fighting role without it interfering with Fringe. But I was asked to commentate before I sent an audition request, so I'm choosing to interpret that pricing myself out of range of fighting. I was just so good at talking they didn't need to see me with a sword in hand. Sure. Why not? Anyway, I enjoyed the hell out of it last time, and look forward to doing it again.

That performs into mid-May, which should give me time to fully gear up for Fringe in August. I've applied with Fringe Orphans again (number 4 in year 5, hopefully), and Tedious Brief has applied as well. TB had a meeting yesterday to suss out what exactly we'd like to do, and came up with a couple of ideas that struck us hard enough that we want to make them happen. We also had a few stupid ideas that might make for Fringe Orphans, so hey, bonus. Our top choice was an idea co-created with someone outside the company; we approached him about making it happen, and he seems excited about it. Dunno his level of involvement yet, but we're having a meeting/viewing party next Monday to move forward. Lotto isn't until February, so we have months until we know if it's actually happening (same with Orphans, of course).

Beyond Fringe... oh, who knows. I've got a lot of writing projects on burners; it's time to start giving them the energy they deserve. Writing for Goodbye will hopefully get me back in the habit, but I'll need to put the effort in. And, of course, I already have three out-of-state trips planning for 2016, with a fourth in my pipe dreams. But hey; I just passed the 10 year anniversary at work, which gives me another week of PTO. Gotta use that on SOMETHING, right?

The List, Day 44 (12/7); 1/101 DoneCollapse )
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HB 2015 [04 Nov 2015|01:03am]
Another Haunted Basement is done. I am still exhausted, incredibly sad that it's done, and coming down with the usual post-show-immune-system-gives-up illness.

This year was terrific. I mean, they all have been, otherwise I wouldn't keep coming back. But the social aspect of it really took off for me this year; when I'd arrive and pick what room I was to work that night, it was more about who I'd be working with than what I'd be doing. I got to pair up with some old friends who I'd never actually played with, and learned new games each and every night. I made up a song, took two rounds to refine it, then sang it to horrified patrons as I used their hands to stroke each other. I made grown men scream, grown women run, and hugged my friends doing the same. I got interviewed by a magazine, communed with a ghost, and taped a bloody tampon to a friend's face. I'm glad it's done- it wiped me out. I'm sorry it's done- I love those people, and spending time with them in any other way just isn't the same. Creep Prom is in a week and a half (note to self; find a dress), but as much as I'm looking forward to it, it won't be as good as the exhausted hanging out after the final show, sitting in the burned-out Christmas room and talking about sex lives, or lying in a pile on the green room floor, or standing on the porch watching people in bloody makeup shotgun Summits.

I figured something out this year. What makes the Creeps so special, as people, is that when we're down there, we're honest. We're pure, for the duration. Everyone is in touch with who they really are, and what they really want. I don't like everyone down there; in fact a couple of them I can't stand. But they're family, in a very real way. And I'll miss them, and I'm glad to get away.

So it always goes- I want everything. I want to spend every minute there. I want to escape and do something else. I want to live every life I can, and the one I've had so far is so damned wonderful sometimes that it hurts. How weird is it that a haunted house brings all this out?

The List, Day 11 (11/3); 0/101 DoneCollapse )
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Project Zero: Round Three [24 Oct 2015|03:49pm]
One. More. Time!

Filled out the blanks with new items; some ambitious, some modest. Time period starts October 25th 2015 and ends July 22nd 2018. Further elaboration upon request. Private goals are due to confidentiality agreements, embarrassing things, or master plans. I’ve also started tracking how many lists each goal has been on, to show how many years it’s been on my radar. And away we go.

Last edit: October 24th, 2015 (Day 0). New items: 0/41. 2-Listers: 0/32. All 3 Rounds: 0/28. Total: 0/101 done.

1. Fix Teeth (Remaining: 2-3 Fragment Extractions, 1-3 Implants)
2. MD Checkup
3. 10 Day Master Cleanse
4. Sleep Apnea Study
5. Visit Allergist

6. Cook 10 New Dishes (0/10)
7. Learn Welsh
8. *private*
9. Didgeridoo
10. Meditation class
11. Dance class
12. Fold 950 Origami Cranes (0/950)
13. *private*

14. Get brianwatsonjones.com up and running
15. See plays by 4 established Twin Cities companies that are new to me (0/4)
16. See 6 plays that don't have any friends involved with them (0/6)
17. Get an agent
18. Draft one-man show idea
19. Finish first draft of Tunesville
20. Write something for cracked.com
21. Buy season tickets for a theatre company; use them all (1/3) [Initial: Starting with one down, begun during the last list]
22. Get reviewed by name in a paper (in any capacity)
23. Develop Hallowe'en show
24. Get a play produced by submitting to an out-of-town contest
25. Write “Business People”
26. Draft “Rumors”
27. Redraft “Word Salad”

**Default World
28. New day job
29. Write Will
30. Pay off credit card [Initial: 50.82% of credit limit]
31. Help 5 friends move (0/5)
32. Clean Walls
33. Apt Nooks/Crannies
34. Seattle Move
35. FB Memorial Settings
36. Inbox Zero [Initial: 159 Emails, 56 Starred]
37. Clean Out Egg Archives
38. Clothes Purge
39. Cull Books
40. Full Car Fix
41. Computer Cleanup
42. Cull FB Friends

**Long Overdue
43. Empty "get-rid-of" tub
44. Beat "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess"
45. Get a tattoo
46. Finish pulp magazines (68 to go)
47. Take an IQ test
48. Finish Misc Movie List (22 to go)

49. Phase out VHS (23 to go)
50. Legalize mp3s (264 to go)
51. Repair Pea Coat
52. Revamp Bike

**Fun (or, because I want to, and I can, which means I should)
53. Sky Dive
54. Visit L.A.
55. Absinthe party
56. Visit Russian Museum
57. "Ancestral" tartan
58. Eat sushi 65 times (0/65)
59. Revisit Burning Man
60. Attend an opera
61. Learn Greek letters
62. Learn NATO letter callsigns
63. Learn Cockney rhyming slang
64. Do a pub crawl
65. Restaurant: It's Greek to Me
66. Memorize The Raven
67. Go skiing
68. Celebrate Festivus
69. Empty new DVD shelf (48 to go)
70. *private*
71. Visit NYC
72. See Aurora Borealis
73. Visit Spam Museum
74. *private*
75. Get Asian wooden bell
76. Emily's Movie List (? to go)
77. Read Foundation Series
78. Complete TMBG Collection
79. Eat Camel
80. Eat a Bug
81. Do a Corn Maze
82. 10 Old Friend Dinners (0/10)
83. Hike a Mountain
84. See Sarah C
85. Read “Scary Stories To Tell In the Dark” in the dark
86. Watch all Classic “Who” (578 episodes, 8 Doctors to go)
87. Visit Virginia
88. Visit Boundary Waters
89. Get a Corgi
90. Tip 100%
91. Tip Mailman at Christmas

92. Cache in a new country
93. Achieve Earthcache Platinum status (3 to create; Silver level; Gold level)
94. Cache in a New State
95. Complete Jasmer Grid
96. Blackout MN Counties (0/35)
97. Blackout Wildflower Parks (0/78)
98. Project A.P.E.
99. 10 Icon Day
100. 400 Find Day
101. Host 14 Events (0/14)
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