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Project Zero Three (A New Beginning): Day 900 Checkin [12 Apr 2018|10:44pm]
Home stretch. Once again, for the third time, I'm looking back on a list mostly unfulfilled, and realizing how distant the maker of the list looks. Some things have just changed in priority; what mattered on day 1 feels totally superfluous to me now. Most haven't changed in priority at all, but I still haven't put the effort in to actually make them happen. A wretched few are just as important now as they were then, and I've actually changed habits to make them happen. I'll knock at least one or two more off the list by the final day, and then I'll decide whether a fourth list will grow again, and if so, how much of this list will survive the transition. Livejournal almost certainly won't, though. Facebook might not either, with what's going on right now. I might have to become something new altogether. Note to self; if new list, add joining Twitter to list?

Updates since last postCollapse )

As it stands, Day 900 (4/12/18); 17/101 DoneCollapse )

Completed GoalsCollapse )

12. Origami Cranes (148/950 - 15.57%) (The two-daily routine is working. I still miss days, but I'm catching up like crazy, and I could miss what, 26 days in the next round and still land this one? Feeling confident)
48. Misc Movie List (10/22 - 45.45%) (A couple down! I still won't clear this by the end, very unlikely, especially as a couple of the films aren't currently available anywhere I can easily reach. But I feel confident that the number will go down further before the list is over)
49. VHS (19/23 - 82.60%) (A hit! What a pathetic rarity. Maybe another hit, or even two, before the end)
50. mp3s (241/264 - 91.28%) (A few more done. I think all of the low-hanging fruit is gone. Most of the cds are bought. I'll have to start actually paying for downloads pretty soon)
58. Sushi (55/65 - 84.61%) (A few more dinners. Nearing the end of list 3, and I've nearly hit half of the initial list's goal. This was... poorly planned)
69. New DVD shelf (59/48 - 122.91%) (Down a bit! Still ludicrous)
76. Emily's Movie List (103/103 - 100.00%) (Thanks to being great at birthday presents, I'm back to zero here)
86. Classic “Who” (511/578 - 88.40%) (More decent progress. Won't even get close by the end, probably won't even pass the 2nd Doctor. But I'm cutting through Reconstruction Territory)
96. Caching: MN Counties (35/35 - 100%) (Another dead period)
97. Caching: Wildflower Parks (75/78 - 96.15%) (This remains impossible)
101. Caching: 14 Events (13/14 - 92.85%) (Dead on the hosting end, as on the finding end)

Over the last hill. Metaphorically; no idea if this next bit will be uphill or down, but I passed a final border before the end. I'll do what I can, focus more than I think but less than I should. And get to the end and make a decision about another list. I feel like I'll default to yes. No idea if I should.

Onward and upward.
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